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A Persian Throne is achieved when the woman (or gay male) ingests a quantity of glitter.
meanwhile the man (who will be delivering the penis) shaves off his pubic hair and saves them in a suitable container for later.
After a few hours the one who ingested the glitter then receives anal intercourse. Which will result in a 'truffle butter' style fluid (combination of lube and excrement)

once this state is achieved the pre-cut pubic hair is then thrown onto the moist anus and surrounding area causing it to stick and creating a 'Persian Throne'
"wow, I gave the Mrs a Persian Throne last night... she fucking loved it!!"

"Hey , what did you do last night?"
"Well, i met up with my bae and after he was covered in truffle butter i gave him a Persian Throne. Best night ever!"
by BenMac28 February 10, 2017
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