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The " Christian persecution paradox" refers to the phenomenon whereby the more arguments you wage against a Christian that their actions are wrong or even un-Christian, the more convinced Christians are that their actions are correct and Biblical.

‎"And you shall be hated by all men for my name's sake (Mathew 24:9)."

This verse is the main problem. If a Christian does anything in the name of their religion and people react negatively to it, they take it as prophetic proof that they are true Christians. If you protest soldiers funerals in the name of God and people protest you, well, this proves you are a true Christian because you are being "persecuted". If you bomb an abortion clinic, if you violate the establishment clause, if you talk poorly about Jews, and people react negatively, then it's proof you're a true Christian. I bet if some Christian slept with goats and the rancher who owned them got mad, the Christian who slept with goats would say that the rancher's anger is prophetic evidence that the Christian was doing the Lord's work.
Wisconsin passed a law requiring mega-churches to pay taxes on their multi-million dollar income, and Evangelical Christians were more convinced than ever that they were True Christians because they suffer from a persecution paradox. -or - Westboro Baptist Church thinks they are doing God's work protesting soldier's funerals because the complaining survivors of the fallen soldier fuel Westboro Baptist's Christian persecution paradox.
by Reverend Aaron January 19, 2011
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