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A permanent relaxed positioning of the hand that closely resembles your hand when holding your cellphone.

This is caused by excessive cellphone usage in which the cellphone is kept in hand frequently over an extended period of time. The hand over time thus naturally conforms to the shape of the phone.
An example of an IPhone Perma-phone hand

-in a relaxed hand position the hand naturally extends pinky forward (where it would be holding bottom of phone if it were there)
-The pointer finger naturally extends slightly upward
-the middle, ring and pinkie finger lower downward below pointer (pinkie being lowest and middle highest)

the difference in a Perma iPhone hand and regular hand can be seen when comparing both your hands in a relaxed position side by side with palms faced down or you can turn both hands (relaxed) sideways and your phone should be easily secured into positioning in your perma-phone hand
by Reppin516 July 08, 2014
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