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The Perfect Pull Up is when one male( usually naked) does a traditional pull up while another male (also naked) , facing towards them, does a pull up simultaneously while wrapping their legs around person #1 . This novelty gay sex act is a source of pleasure and exercise.
Hey bro, i really am in the mood for a perfect pull up.
by sheeeplove May 17, 2011
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The thing that you get from dicks sporting goods, or over the internet (when your not surfing for porn), that you think your a bad ass when you first get it from the UPS guy but you can only pull yourself up once when you attach it inconveniently to your door.
Ouch! Fuck, i just pulled my sternocleidomastoid doing a perfect pull up, what a fucking joke, i think ill go bust a nut on my lap top keys instead.
by King Aus10 March 07, 2009
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