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Known as a group teabag consisting of 2 or more people.Origin: Halo 3 Social Slayer. Also with the teabag one will shout you got cum on your face a sticy disgrace dropping my ballsack on your face singing teabag teabag dropping(the peoples) to the tune of we will rock you by queen.Gamertag Dogofpoop and mrxdillenger on xbox live.
In halo 3 when you kill someone you and your team all go over to that person and continuaslly drop your spartan ballsack on your innocent visctim shouting and we'll be dropping the people's teabag on your roody-poo candy ass and you will go one on one with the great one and we will strike down with vengeance from above and ou will know that our name is the lord.
by DOGOFPOOP February 17, 2010
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