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A formal command or mandate which requires the recipient to stop acting in a certain way. A Penile Injunction is usually served when someone is particularly annoying during a social situation.
Oli: Look at that group of Chikitie over there by the bus stop, I am going to try and get involved.

Tom: Don't make an idiot out of yourself, they will think your a joker with your stupid hair.

Oli: Shut the fuck up, your the joker. I am going to get myself a hot fucking Chikita.

Tom: Dont fuck with me, or I will serve you with penile injunction

Oli: Dont do that you twat

Tom: Ok, you asked for it fuckface, I hereby serve you with a penile injunction preventing any attempted approach or contact with the Chikita's. Unlucky bitch.
by Mot241 June 25, 2009
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