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"POTUS" ("President of the U.S.") is widely used.
Since January 2017, when Donald Trump was inaugurated, the term has been re-interpreted by opponents of the "Duce-naranja" (Trump).
Proponents of this new term have argued that it is especially appropriate and somewhat sly because of its use of a Mexican profanity ("pendejo," which is usually translated as "complete fucking asshole"), which the POTUS would struggle to pronounce or recognize, given his hostility to Mexico and to any other nations or cultures other than his own.
According to a New York Times report (June 23, 2017), this new use of "POTUS" has gained popularity among opponents of Trump and others.
"que la chinga, el Pendejo of the US (POTUS) is a real pinche pendejo." and: "We had no choice but to create a new term, 'POTUS,' to refer to this payaso. All previous presidents were pendejos, to various degrees, but this is the biggest POTUS ever."
by PayasoProfesorJordi July 24, 2017
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