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Pencilius Dickitus, also known as pencil dick and Ward Syndrome, is an extremely rare and deadly disease, affecting American and British men. Over one cases were reported in 2007 alone. The infected boy (whom will not be named) had a shaft measuring 4 1/2 inches in length, yet only 3/8 inches in circumference. The head, however, is often average in size, and has been noted to be exceptionally large in over one cases.
Doctor: Im sorry son.
Tommy TwoTones: What is it?
Doctor: You have pencilius dickitus
Tommy: What is it?
Doctor: very bad: your dick resembles a pencil.
Tommy: Is it common to have this?
Doctor: No. You're the first. Haven't you noticed?
Tommy: I thought it was normal...This is so sad.*cries*
Doctor: That's what she said.
by Skyther Gitlow August 12, 2007
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