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After completing any sort of written test, specifically a standardized test when many others are in the room, this person will slam their pencil down upon completion of the test to let everyone else know that they have finished.

A pencil slammer does not care how much time is left to take the test or how many others are still testing; they must make sure the entire room knows that they have finished.
The intention of a pencil slammer is to try and feel smarter than everyone else in the room regardless of personal intellect. They are usually either the smartest little suck up in the class or the fuck-up in the back of the class who has failed 3 times.
Quinn, don’t be a pencil slammer. We all know your incompetent little brain could barely even fathom the difficulty of that psychology test, and even though you finished early you probably still failed anyway.

I was taking my time on the SAT and only had a few questions left when the prissy little bitch next to me didn't even finish the last word before slamming it down. Fuck you, pencil slammer!
by ayeeeee..... November 06, 2010
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