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Peeping Pooper:

The act of being extremely silent while seated in a bathroom stall while another coworker (usually in a corporate office environment) walks in and proceeds to paint the toilet bowl brown with explosive bowel movements. Only after the third or fourth push does the "peeping pooper" emerge from their stall and begin washing hands at the sink, maybe whistling to attempt to give the pooper more privacy. Exceptionally spiteful "peeping poopers" may even begin speaking to the loud pooper addressing him or her by name...implying they are fully aware of said butt-pukage.
"Holy bejezuz....Kathy in accounting is a bonifide peeping pooper!! She ninja blasted me after I finished pooping out my chicken korma from last night! What a hag!!"
by Cwisticwistina June 28, 2013
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