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Peebles is a department store located in the Hoosick St. Plaza of Troy NY. Known as a company that once attempted to be known as 'Peoples', but had to change it to Peebles because of the way their entirely Hispanic and Mentally Challenged work force pronounced the name. The first major department store chain to recommend you wash the clothing you purchased from their store before wearing to avoid become infested with Puerto Rican Fleas that has transferred from their employees and woven its way deep within the fabric of their garments. Peebles is a proud employer of Confidential Police Informants, child rapist, child pornographers, the illiterate, low level but active criminals, and of course those who reek like a broken Taco Bell toilet. Hence all of the Puerto Ricans. Many Puerto Rican employee's sell Marijuanna to the underaged children of customers in order to support their Crack addiction and leave large foul bowel movements on the floor because they have never seen a real toilet and as a result are to developmentally delayed in their potty training, but will adamantly deny this true fact out of embarrassment if ever confronted.
John: Hey Juan, you work at the Peebles on Hoosick st in Troy
Juan:Se' Señor, but only till I get my food stamps, then Im retiring
John: The Peebles Department Store (Troy NY).
John: You have fleas jumping off you.

Juan: Se' Señor.
by SouthTroyCore January 17, 2014
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