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Multilple definitions, can be used as a greeting but only as a greeting to determine whether someone is doing fine, In this case usually followed by a "or what". Secondly, it can be used in an exclamatory fashion to show or garner agreement. In this case the phrase is slowed down and either accompanied by a head nod or followed by "ya know" or both. Only to be used when your mind is blown or your really trying to relate something to someone.
Phone Call:

Example 1

Slimer: Yeah, is the homeboy Scott Baker there?

Scott Baker: Yeah, This is him BRO, whats up? Who's calling?

Slimer: Pecks and wecks or what?

Scott Baker: Yeah I guess? who is this?

Slimer: Dis is your homeboy Slimer, I just got out of Lerdo homie.

Example 2:

Slimer: Charlie said he wants funk bro, I got what their lookin for homie.

Scott Baker: Pecks and fuckin wecks! ya know!?
by GaryFreezen August 18, 2009
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