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One of the most Truthful gamer and YouTube host of all time.
Maybe not as Competent nor mature, but straight and simple and in most scenarios; Hilarious. You can Google it! He has a channel, he works hard;
Google: Peanut Butter Gamer
Other than that he also has an gaming channel too.
Google: PBGGameplay
"I'M OLDER THAN JUSTIN BEAVER AND NEVER CUT MY HAIR IN MY LIFE!! Well except that time where I spiked my hair, and another time where I shaved my head completely bald; BUT OTHER THAN THAT, I HAD IT FIRRSST! I had it firrsst." ~PBG


"And to finish this off, This is the first definition for Peanut Butter Gamer...So we have that now."
by Supa Louie G August 11, 2014
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