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A measure to quantify the unwillingness to have sex with another individual. By "Taking the Peanut" over a sexual encounter, you are choosing to eat a peanut that which you have ingested and passed through a bowel movement, with the allowance of being able to clean the peanut with only your hands and no other cleaning agents. This scale uses a 1-5 rating (ie. # of peanuts you are willing to eat). The next level on the peanut scale is to succumb to eating someone else's peanut. This secondary scale is also based on a 1-5 rating and must be clarified in one’s declaration.
Having seen the heinously fat and ugly girl, Ennio used the Peanut Scale and contemplated taking the Peanut over the option of banging her. Ali, declared he would eat at least 2 peanuts to avoid the beast. Jason, went over the top and even offered eating 2 peanuts from someone else’s ass rather than to fuck her. Alessandro chose the girl…
by Big_Sak April 03, 2008
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