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Where all the various denizens of the Patriot live when they're not busy serving as minions of Satan. Most of the time is spent looking at vulgar sites on the Internet (including this one), trying to convince certain women that colors DO in fact exist (dammit they do), arguing with each other, conspiring against each other, unloading their sick personal problems on the few male writers that still haven't fled in abject terror (talking about PMS - GROSS) and occasionally doing work when the Patriot members aren't too busy fucking around (on the table, that is).
The Patriot room kicks ass when we aren't busy watching the Nick Berg video over and over again, and making the whole room listen to our sick stories of how we got date-raped by our 30-year-old boyfriends.
by Unreal Tournament 2004 June 07, 2004
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