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Stubborn at times and argumentative at others, yet gracious in her ways and a person that can capture trust. A go getter, loves to be a free spirit, adores Greys Anatomy although not so keen on team Edward. People are lead by her amazing & gentle eyes that draw you in like sirens to the ocean. She is thought of as very strong but deep down she is very sensitive and caring. Someone who will fight for injustice and once you are her friend she will fight for you till the death. A deep thinker, who's bigger picture will angle your thoughts, otherwise as simple & impulsive as her smile in which no photo could ever bring real beauty too. Known to hide her intelligence in that case, you lift her up, or move any hot drink out her way or even move yourself from accidently getting elbowed (again). She is strong willed, without taking life too seriously. A charmer without wanting to charm and is a very special woman that can take and get away with not stealing. There are many colours to her rainbow and because she is who she is, I will never see just one.
Every guy wants a Patricija da silva of their own, but not everyone gets one!
by Dummie_Bear June 10, 2010
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