Every straight man is born with a pass. A pass that allows him to have a list of three men he would fuck, without it being gay. This list is called their Pass 3 list. If you say something about a guy who you think is hot that sounds really fucking gay, remember that you have your Pass 3 list. If someone calls you out about what you said and they continue to call you gay, even after knowing said hot guy is in your Pass 3 list, that in turn legally makes said accuser a homosexual.
"Man, deadass, no homo, I'd fuck him."
"Ew nigga, that's gay. Why the fuck would you say that?"
"Oh, well he's in my Pass 3 list, so it's alright."
"Oh shit nigga, I didn't know, I'm sorry."
by Mashu-sama October 21, 2019