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A noob that demands that you use a party skill if you're in a party on MapleStory. He/she either throws tantrum at you or insult you if you ignore him/her or refuse.

They also throw tantrum at the party leader if they get expelled.
Example #1 in Ludibrium

Party Skill kiddie: heal plz were at alishar
Cleric: *heals*
Party Skill kiddie gets killed by Alishar.
Party Skill kiddie: OMFG NOOB WHY DIDNT U HEAL!!@@@@@@
Party Leader: THIS is why I party with my friends. F7
Cleric: Cool story bro! @ Party Leader

Example #2 in other Training Areas

Party Skill kiddie 1: hs plz
Party Skill kiddie 2: hs!!!
Priest: *groans*
Party Skill kiddie 1: OMFG HS ALREADY!!
Party Skill kiddie 2: NOOB@@@@@@@@
Party Leader: Knock it off or I'm expelling you two!
by FlameChocobo November 21, 2010
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