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When two single, goregous ladies decide to take the coast of Mallorca by storm. They do not choose the corny destinations of Magaluf or the Greek-party islands, but they rather decide to shake things up a bit in Cala Millor. The beautiful beaches and lovely accomodations makes this resort an obvious choice. The party queens are made up of one crazy chick with killer legs and horny eyes, whilst the other girl has a booty that can, and will stop traffic. Together they make up the indestructable team which is the party queens of Cala Millor.
person 1: did you see the look on that old, german woman's face?
person 2: yeah, i think she met the Party Queens of Cala Millor.

person 1: I wanna party tonight, do you know where to go?
person 2: wherever the Party Queens of Cala Millor are
by randomguy10 June 01, 2010
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