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A phrase that is used to show your dominance over a situation. This is to be said before you do an action that will prove your alpha status among your fellow intellectuals. It shows the members of the human race that are in your presence that they are inferior to you in every way.
Appropriate times to say phrase
(Sees a no skin at Tilted Towers) PARTY TIME BITCH.
(About to shotgun a cold one with the boys) PARTY TIME BITCH.
(The light turns yellow and you are about to accelerate at a high velocity) PARTY TIME BITCH.
( Name is called at Graduation) PARTY TIME BITCH.
(Your about to propose to your future spouse) PARTY TIME BITCH.
I think you understand the proper use of "PARTY TIME BITCH"
by LoeyDaHoey July 19, 2018
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