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Parma, Ohio is a southwest suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, which has been known for decades as being extremely racist. The federal government actually sued the city over blatant discriminatory housing practices. At a city council meeting in the ‘70’s, a former Parma City Council President famously said, "I do not want Negroes in the city of Parma,” It is not uncommon to hear of a reported cross burning or other hate crime that the white residents employ to keep the blacks out of Parma. This tactic does work, as Parma’s black population is less than 2%. Black motorists will drive out of their way to avoid Parma because if you have so much as one light out, the Parma Police will shake you down. If you are a black motorist and you plan to drive through Parma, you need to have your automobile in perfect working condition, turn off the thump in the trunk, obey all traffic laws, and most importantly, leave your weapons, that bag of weed, rocks or blow and all paraphernalia at home.
Yo Man, better stop an get some gas cuase we show the fuck aint gonna be driving through Parma Ohio. Axe any of da brothers, Parma aint no place for to be foe me!
by The CLE Steamer May 09, 2009
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