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Parisima is a beautiful Persian princess who is honest, trustful, kind, loyal, generous and hilarious. She would never be against you when everybody else. She would say bless you when you sneeze and goodmorning and hi wherever you are. Every boy would die for her beauty. Everybody would be honest enough to tell her that they love her. She is a very happy and emotional young lady. She can be very angry when you almost hurt yourself but only because she doesn't want you to get hurt. She is very popular but doesn't want to be. She loves her friends so much and they don't even know it. Her boyfriend is a troublemaker but the opposite is the best couple ever. She would break the rules a little but tries not to get caught. She loves math and lets some people copy her for good grades. She is very responsible and brave, strong, fast and beautiful as hell. Of course her hair is beautiful and curly and long.
I would never be against Parisima because she is never against me.
by Lil miss princess October 01, 2016
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