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First reported on the streets of Asuncion, Paraguay, this requires a popsicle stick, a cylindrically shaped turd, and no shame.

A) Take a large, solid shit in a box.
B) Place a popsicle stick inside the turd.
C) Seal the 'popsicle' inside a ziploc bag and put it in a freezer for 24 hours.
D) Take the popsicle out, go to a playground, and offer children your "Paraguayan popsicle."
Chef: "Hey kids, try this Paraguayan popsicle!"
Cartman: "Awesome thanks Chef! ....Wait a minute, this tastes like SHIT!"
Kenny: "mummummmumumum"
Kyle: "Haha Kenny's right Cartman, you're retarded!"
by Dr. Popsicle February 16, 2011
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