Someone who types long responses to a text
"Wow, Hannah just sent me a really long responce. She's a paragraph texter"
by Bookbanana November 24, 2015
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Someone who texts long sentences and finishes texts in paragraphs especially when the other side is not. This, man times causes an unequal power between the paragraph texter and the average person.

If who you're texting:
is making typos and you’re not
is skipping punctuation and you’re not
is skipping capitals and you’re not
is taking a long time to reply and you’re not
is responding to your long, well-written emails with much shorter responses

Then you're a paragraph texter to them.
That's what makes a paragraph texter a paragraph texter.
"Why is Matt a paragraph texter when he knows I'm only going to send him a small message?, It's a waste of time!"
by OHHH, It's JOHN CENA!!!! February 15, 2016
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