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A video game that is either broken, boring, pointless, or not well developed That is only played by mass media because of the delusional multiplayer aspect giving it a fake image of fun.

A term coined from the Rainbow Parachute activity that is popular in todays youth. An activity that had no point or value but only seemed fun because of the social gathering involved.
person1 : Hey man, You want to play some Dayz mod?!

Person2: Why? Its the first zombie game where you dont even need the zombies. you watch out for hackers and dicks while rolling around finding canned beans. You only play it cause its a parachute game.

Some other games include Minecraft, Apb:Reloaded, Runescape, World of Warcraft, Maple Story, (alot of mmo titles)
by Youlikemyword? August 10, 2012
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A game of any kind (mostly video games) that is lacking a real sense of direction and purpose but is masked by the sociology aspect of the game.
Games like this usually have a multiplayer feature which causes this "masking" or "The Parachute". This term is a generalized and complicated term for which it simply explains how people treat a game as a group. Games that have been seen as Parachute games are usually still widely played mostly because of the social part of the game that they can't break away from. The games have no real multiplayer aspect, but they are seen as fun because of the forceful gathering of people in order to make it fun. MMos titles can have this affect, because of the major social aspect of the game.

This Term does not have to be negative and can simply describe a game that is only played because of what people made of it and not what it actually is.
Examples of Games: World of warcraft, APB:reloaded, Starbound(Beta), Dayz, Call of duty, Torchlight, Team fortress 2.

Person 1: So you Still play World of Warcraft? I thought you hated world of warcraft?

Person 2: Yea, I hate blizzard and I dont want to play their games anymore but I have friends on here that still play and I want to know what they're up to

Person 3: Oh, so its a parachute game now?

People playing a game that is lacking in features and mechanics but is played because all their friends have the game and

they want to fit in.
by Gamepsychology December 10, 2013
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