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Pappa Maffu is the god of all, he has a music taste that is superior. And his hair feels like sex. He shows no mercy to anyone who starts on his chums. He treats all friends like family. He has an obsession with the heavy metal band Iron Maiden and drinks Guava Flavoured Rockstars like it was water. He can make a meme about every life situation. I'm pretty sure shipley hates his guts but, ah well, it's big dick shipley fam. He has like 9 best mates and a scene asf gf.. avoid everyone of them motherfuckers. All around, he is a pretty sound and rowdy metalhead.
'Pappa Maffu's is goals'
'Fuck off Pappa Maffu'

'Ly Pappa Maffu'
by Pappa Maffu August 17, 2016
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