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To make a papaya salad a girl must not have washed her vagina for several days. Pubes should then be sprinkled onto her vagina. You then add a good amount of feces onto her vagina as well. The guy then inserts his penis into her vagina to mix the ingredients together inside of her. He should make sure to ejaculate inside for flavor. When he is done, she should force the mixture out of her vagina into the guys hand. They both bite into a slice of lemon or lime and enjoy. This is best done while she is on her period.
Jason: "Why do you have that sour look on your face?"
Ben: "I just had a papaya salad with my girl..."

Nariet:"Tracy you should come over for dinner tonight."
Nariet:"Jason and I are making a papaya salad and we could use an extra bowl!"
by masatbaker June 16, 2011
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