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Paparazzi is when a girl falls deeply in love with a boy and otherwise decides to murder him and stalk him when he stops putting out! Usually this type of girl stalks his facebook first, so watch your step! Then she moves onto more important things like his social security number and bank number. This is one crazy chick, you better watch out!

For those who have a stalker and don't have many muscles on them, learn some self defense!
Billy: Hey dude! I seriously need some help. I met a chick at a bar last week. But i wasn't able to ditch her! First she was talking about marrying me and having kids, and then when i said no she said she wanted to kill me!

Bobby Joe: Well that just sucks, do you want to be burried next to your parents in the Rockville cemetary?

Billy: Man, you're no help!

Bobby Joe: Well not much I can do when a papa paparazzi stalker is one the loose.

Billy: Heellllllllp!!!
by Ihavemyownpersonalstalker April 02, 2010
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