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A pantry meal (also can be referred to by the individual meal, such as pantry lunch), is a meal that you have that is just made up of small portions of a large range of different foods. Pantry meals are common when leaving for a long holiday, or when someone just can't be bothered making a proper meal. Pantry meals can really be made up of anything, but more commonly foods that are perishable (such as ice-cream, chocolate). They are often unhealthy as well.
Did i tell you about the awesome pantry meal that i had a few days after Christmas?


It was awesome, i had half a box of pringles, a chocolate bar, 4 pieces of bread and the last bit of the Christmas pudding, probably the best meal that i had all year!

Cool. But how did you only have half a box of pringles?

I only had half a box then, i was too full after the Christmas pudding, but i had three more after.

Ok then
by CJ Moose January 20, 2014
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