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That one kid that looks too innocent to be that shady. Just like his name, he doesn't fit in his own culture. He is unbelievably handsome and hypnotizing, adding to his shadiness. However, people that don't know him can't see his true shady colors, they just think that he's a smart person with a normal life. People that are closer to him will see that he has a whole other side to him. He hides many secrets and is very good at improvising to get out of trouble or difficult situations. He works smart, not hard. He basically finesses his way out of everything his entire life, which itself is a skill set. His mysteriousness and handsomeness attracts many girls.
Person 1: You know that kid in our science class that skips everyday to go smoke with girls or something, but he always passes the tests with an A? Do you know what his name is?
Person 2: Idk man, but doesn't our teacher always call him Panith?
Person 1: Oh right...
Person 2: I think his real name is Brad or something
by RRRaaaa March 14, 2017
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