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Adj. Singular and plural
1.) Someone who dresses flashy and extravagantly.
2.) Used to describe the general attitude of someone
Both used as either as either plain truth or to insult.

Much like our favorite breakfast cake we all know and love, someone who dresses as a pancake chef is characterized by wearing light and fluffy, dull and un-colorful clothing of brown colors. The flamboyant and tacky dress of a chef (all due respect) also defines this peculiar style. In essence, a pancake chef wears excessively baggy clothes which are thin and airy, with either sweat-pants or linen with patterns, and occasionally an oversized hat. Simply, this style of dress is terrifyingly gaudy. To those who sport this unique style are convinced they are ‘in’ and ‘sweet’ (pertaining to the slang cool, not the flavor of a pancake) looking. To act like a pancake chef means to have a snooty, egotistic, pompous, know-it-all, or stuck up attitude.
Calling someone a pancake chef can be interpreted both ways, so please use carefully!
"Steve thought he looked so awesome with his Nike shoes, fleece sweat-pants, and Hawiian shirt. Everyone else thought he looked like a pancake chef."
"Man, you call that style? You look like a pancake chef!"
"I swear, she acts like a pancake chef."
by La Ballena March 31, 2006
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