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A newb kid whose only form of communication is through tired memes. This kid thinks he's a meme king but secretly all his memes are a decade old and his friends are humoring him because he has autism.
A Pancake Genocide also makes pretend that he has secret relationships, especially with girlfriends that may or may not have a futa dick.
Due to a Pancake Genocide's down syndrome they'll sometimes behave in a retarded fasion, so much so that they'll do it again so they can claim it happened by itself and was actually a bug.
I think that Pancake Genocide was trying to meme when pretended a bug caused him to teleport from fountain to nexus turret, I believe he was trying to cover-up for the time his did it when he nutted because his auts-syndrom made him think about his make pretend girlfriend's futa dick.
by FingPat February 26, 2017
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