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Small (S & XS) varieties of the veined & hooded Black Cobra Condoms designed for Caucasoid & Mongoloid men. As opposed to the large Andhra Black Cobra Condoms (L & XL) for Negroid & Australoid men.

The name itself is a double entendre, based on both the inferior size of the 4.0-4.9 inch Oriental Pakistani Penis or South Asian Muslim Penis as compared to the 6.5-9 inch Black Dravidian Penis, as well as the smaller dimensions of the Pakistan Black Cobra (Naja naja karachiensis) as compared to the Andhra Black Cobra (Naja naja madrasiensis). The term also alludes to the fact that Greater Pakistan is a major global centre for the consumpion & production of these prophylactics.

The great demand for Black Cobra Condoms among South Asian Muslim men is based on Dravidian Penis Envy & the Pakistani Small Penis Complex. It is further fuelled by the preference for Black 'Madrasi' (Dalit-Dravidian) & 'Makrani' (Gedrosian or Afro-Caribbean) male sexual partners among South Asian Muslim women, which is commonly attributed to the poorer size & performance of the 'Pakidick' as compared to the 'Madrasi Nigger Dick', & to the laxity of Islamic Caste Systems. This sexual bias is exemplified by the cases of Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatoon, Tabu Hashmi, Jyothika Sadanah, Tehmeena Afzal, Ghasiti Begum, Raziyya Sultana, & Lutf-un-nissa Begum, & by the films `Razia Sultan' (1983), 'Bhaji on the Beach' (1993) & 'Everywhere & Nowhere' (2011).
1) "Jerry: I have a tiny penis & can't find condoms small enough! Help!
Larry: You should import Pakistan Black Cobra Condoms. They're the smallest & increase the size of your dick." - 'Small Penis Worries' 27 Jul 2012

2) Manufacturers include GSE Nepal & Bombay-based Cupid Ltd {, bse:530843}: "Its brands include Black Cobra, Hi life, Green Love, Fantasy, Big Dom, Cupid, Femina, D'sire & Customer's own brand ... The Company exports its products to Korea, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Nigeria, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Italy."

3) Pakistan Black Cobra Condoms are popular among Himalayans: "The most used brand of condom among the respondents was Number One (61.6%). Other most used brands were Panther (39.2%), Kamasutra (27.8%), Jodi (27.6%), Dhaal (21.2%), & Black Cobra (19.8%)." - 'Integr.d Biol. & Behavioral Surveillance Survey among Female Sex Workers, Kathmandu Valley' S M Tuladhar et al. USAid Nepal, Round 3, 2008, p 27.

4) "Most preferred condom brand %
Cobra 28.3
Number one 25.0
Condom dist.d by Min. Health 12.0
Jodi 11.8
Panther 6.8
Kamsutra 5.3
Skinless 4.5
Dhaal 1.8
Others 2.5
Don't remember/Don't know 2.3"
- 'Integr.d Biol. & Behav.l Surveil. Survey (IBBS) among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)) in the Kathmandu Valley' S M Tuladhar. Asha Project, USAid Nepal, Kathmandu, Rd 3, Jul 2009,
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 12, 2012
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