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A douchebag who uses Urban Dictionary to prove that he isn't a selfish dick. If you happen to help coach a baseball team, he will ignore his coaching duties and hit on the guest you invited to speak to the kids. Then try to make it seem like she wanted to give her number to him. He will also make a fool of himself in most social situations. For example, if a friend from Gainesville that likes blind girls and drives his kickass RV down for a local football game.

A Paddio will with out a doubt try to hit on every piece of ass that comes into his eyesight. No matter if she has a Boyfriend, lesbian or completely uninterested. In the wild you will be able to hear his mating calls of "What did I do?" "Was that wrong?" Be careful in his presence and make sure you get all necessary shots if you ever come in contact.
Can you believe Paddio smacked that girl's ass right in front of her boyfriend? Don't be a fucking Paddio tonight and throw those Wisconsin girl's clothes out the window!
by Coach Julio March 30, 2014
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