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The act of scooping out a large chunk of Skoal, Copenhagen, or Redman and placing it in your lip of cheek. Extremely popular with students at Episcopal High School in Houston and Cascia Hall Catholic School in Tulsa. Originates with a couple freshman at Cascia.
Normal Teenager: Hey, where were you at the football game last night?

Episcopal Kid: dude, football is gay as shit, I was packing a fat hog all night at Kyle's ranch. We went mudding for like 3 hours.

Normal Tulsa Teen: what'd you guys do last night?

Cascia Kid: we were at Morp, you are such a fag for not going, it was soo awesome. I was packing a fat hog and they had like 3 handles of vodka!!
by Mburck3 May 25, 2010
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