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An ASSHOLE that gets what is coming to them.

The SEXUAL RISIBLES which Is SEXUAL ORIENTATION in your LIFE can put up any blockade from any significant achievement once it is EXPOSED.

KARMA where your LIFE is just controlled by HUMAN PHYSICAL ASSHOLES.
This intense ANALNGUS caused me to be PULLED IN BY AN ASSHOLE and your movement of your sphincters with sensing your SHIT IS COMING as because the SHIT stayed inside YOUR ASSHOLE I had to vocally admit that there is nothing to me at all as I am just literally a SHIT EATER and it is never figurative.

SEXUAL RISIBLES that say loud and clear you are a PEDOPHILE will cause you to be PULLED IN BY AN ASSHOLE no matter whose ASSHOLE YOU SUCK.

The gradual oozing of SHIT that occurs when you SUCK AN ASSHOLE causes you to be , PULLED IN BY AN ASSHOLE because the only thing you look for in LIFE because you can't do anything else is just the REAL SHIT from the HUMAN PHYSICAL ASSHOLE to DEVOUR to make love to THEIR SHIT and STINKING MORE THAN SHIT afterwards.
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