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Cutest movie ever. Its about Hilary Swank whose dead husband sends her letters and leads her to screw his best friend. (Totally different than what you think)
"PS I Love you was a cute movie"

"You should make your boyfriend watch it"
by bombkitten, like duh January 04, 2009
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Like the Best movie ever!! So Romantic, you WILL cry.
Hey Brittany, I really want to watch PS I Love you.

You should watch it with Dennis. Hes going to CRY!
by KJane July 05, 2008
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when a man has two finger in the girl's pink and the third finger in her stink, then he comes up to kiss her. Applying the "pink fingers" under his nose, and the "stink finger" under her nose.
Darren was down south tasting the roast beef and bacon strips, next thing I knew he come up and said P.S. I love you? I married him!! You keep a man like that!!!
by mareejo78 January 06, 2006
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