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To shout into an open anus.
Janice was powerless to resist. His eyes burned into hers like garnets. His muscular arms enfolded her body as she felt herself being swept away in a force 10 gale of passion. Slowly, she fell to her knees and unzipped Giuseppe's breeches and went at his cock like a dog eating hot chips.
After what seemed like hours Giuseppe realised he was over-revving the spunk engines without releasing the horse's handbrake until spat his plaster into her tophat.
'You may be knocking on a bit, love, but your granny's oysters are frothing like a shaken bottle of Shandy Bass. Turn yourself over and I’ll lay a cuckoo's egg into your trombone”. Janice responded and was up for a bit of POTTY BARKING so after eight pints of stout and a bar of Bourneville he shouted deep into her anus "I love fishcakes!!!'
Janice had been well and truly Potty Barked. It was love.
by MikeyTam February 19, 2010
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