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The PKP Pecheneg is a recent development of the PK series of machine guns. Intended as a Squad-Automatic-Weapon, the primary difference from the rest of the PK series is the non-removable barrel (can be removed for maintenance, but not during field action). Other changes include a forced-air cooling jacket for the barrel, placement of the nipod near the muzzle, and an improved flash suppressor. The PP fires the 7.62x54mm round, is gas-operated, and has a fire-rate of about 600rpm.

The PKP entered service with Russian armed forces in 1999 and is the equivalent of the American M249 and M240B. The PKP Pecheneg is named after an ancient Turkic people of Russia and Ukraine.
The PKP Pecheneg is a squad automatic weapon developed from the line of PK machine guns.
by fatpoloninja February 11, 2012
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