A nice college student bought my PET TASMAN and SHIT a good meal.

My aggressive pet.

ANAL ALAN and since I had my PET TASMAN I get my new name.

Still the other name sticks as get me more SHITEATING DATES.
The little girls , little boys and babies want ANAL ALAN to treat his PET CESTODA well as in fact they want me to name him TASMAN which is a great name.

My PET TASMAN comes first as when I am eating I can feel TASMAN inside of me eating hardy and I know my PET CESTODA is happy when I get abdominal pains after and great constipation as what I like as this SHIT TRANNY feels the pleasure of CHILD BIRTH thanks to my PET TASMAN.

I had a CAPSTANO PEPPER in my PORTA POTTA and I p she'd my BOWEL OUT like having SHIT TO SHIT in fact the CAPSTANO PEPPER disappeared and I am wondering where It went and now I know my PET CESTODA TASMAN came out of my ASSH0LE and grabbed it when I was pushing my RECTAL AREA out.

Listen if ANAL ALAN is lower than SHIT IN SHIT as my PET CESTODA was happily birthed in SHIT IN SHIT ANAL ALAN the SHITEATER has taken a NEW NAME and being lower ..SHIT.. as my PET TASMAN comes first as a GOOD STOMACH FUCKING everyday is in order but I will ..SHIT.. keep FUCKING MY OWN KIND SHIT with my TONGUE RHYTHMS.

OK,JEWISH HOMOSEXUAL COPROPHILE PEDOPHILE your PET CESTODA will help you win dates as advertise on the DOUBLE LIST board you want especially SHIT IN SHIT for SHITEATING as ..SHIT.. is required to.make PET TASMAN happy.
by INSERT CAREFULLY September 17, 2021