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Someone who plays on PC and can't go on 5 minutes on how PC is better than consoles. They brag everytime when they hear someone doesn't play on PC online. Most of the time they only have a shitty laptop.

(Most of the time they are only doing this for attention and because they are very insecure and have no friends)

PLEASE NOTE: A normal PC gamer is someone who prefers PC more than console but doesn't care on what platform you play on.

You can avoid being a PC virgin by not bragging about the superiority of PC to a every one every 5 minutes.
PC virgin:*Sees someone playing consoles*
PC virgin: O my Goooooooood PC is so much better arise to the top and join the PC masterrace dear console peasants.

Console gamer: Nahhh sorry we prefer consoles but PC is cool too. I don't really wanna debate though.
PC Virgin; T R I G E R R E D
by Badboy17 XxX June 14, 2017
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