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A holy and perfect confectionery delight made in the Elysian Fields by the One True God, where it is then magicked down to Golden Crust Pizza on Smith Street in North Providence, Rhode Island. The soft, expertly baked bread holds upon it the ultimate mixture the likes of which your uneducated palate has never before bared witness to. As you take a bite you are greeted like an old friend by the tender delicious steak. As you chew you realize that not only is there cheese, but blue cheese as well. Why blue cheese you ask yourself. And then it hits you. Yes, that is buffalo chicken you taste, for God has smiled upon you today.

If you are not mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared for the sheer deliciousity your mouth has been confronted with, your heart may cave in and your head may explode.
"Dude what the fuck is that thing?"

"A PC Steak Sub, try it man"

"Damn that thing is good...but my heart hurts now..."
by Screaming Indecency July 10, 2008
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