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PBS is short for Pre Birthday Syndrome, A variation from the "PMS" (Pre menstrual syndrome) but in this case any gender could be affected.

Depression and other symptoms that may differ depends of the person, avoiding people, avoiding making plans for that day, avoiding celebrate it, and feel as miserable as you can. Being dramatic and impossible for those who actually want to celebrate it with you while you avoiding any kind of celebration drawing in your own crap!

A time to look back and think of all the things that went wrong in your life, everything you didnt accomplish an all that type of things.
Anna is have PBS, Pre Birthday Syndrome again this year, she just doesnt wanna go dancing!

I would be PBSing this week, please dont call me till my birthday is over, I am viction of PBS Pre Birthday Syndrome
by deathlylover January 13, 2012
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