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Females that spend their Friday nights grazing in Pacific Beach, CA.

Typically women who probably were attractive at some point or could be attractive but aren't because of the following.

1. They wear too much make-up.

2. They are slightly over-weight (i.e. they started hott/thin, but years of drinking heavily, and eating dinner in PB has taken a tole on them.

3. They tell their stories just a little bit louder than the normal person would in a conversation. Their stories generally consist of topics that suck like:
a. Getting dinner in PB.
b. Some ex-bf.

c. Something not interesting at all no matter how many times they insist that it was "fabulous, epic, insane."
4. They enter whatever establishment appearing to be somewhat classy and put together but by the time they leave are slurring, make-up running, common stock pigs.

5. In a conversation, they will attribute value to any person that lives "in PB" or has "a friend who lives in PB" or has had "dinner in PB"
6. They think sushi is the greatest thing in the world.

7. They are attracted to men who wear plaid, who are wannabe UFC fighters, who use Axe body wash, or generally men who strive to be the poster boy for Men's Health.
Yeah the girls he dates are close to hott, but not really, like your typical PB cow.

Guy 1: Hey let's go hit on those PB cows.
Guy 2: Alright, should we talk about the fight with them?
Guy 1: Yup, and then we'll mention that we had sushi in PB and it was epic.
by PBDairyFarmer February 25, 2011
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