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Paul Brown Ritch made a school. 2 of them. An elementary and a middle. school containing 3 main groups. Black Girls, Black Guys, and trashy white boys that think they're thugs bc they know bad words and don't own belts. 4 if you count the Others (LGBT, Awkwards, A little bit of both). The school doesn't really live up to its name, P.B.. The only sinks with warm water are the Art room and the nurse. They can't even afford hot water and recess. The main groups of students are clearly visible. The 6th graders that are usually the rude types that try to act ghetto and bring condoms to school that they use as balloons, and the sixth graders that are filled with hope in their 1st year and leave with depression, anxiety, while being scarred both emotionally and physically. When a teacher gets on to them for something, the 6th graders lie and act way more offended then when they are called gay. Their are an unequal mixture of teachers that are great and those who make you contemplate suicide. 8th grade teachers are chill though. Some try but fail. And this includes the substitutes of which some are great while others spit out racial slurs, cuss, and those who are like sixty but dress like college students who got dressed in the dark to go to a rave. 4/10
I don't like going to PB Ritch Middle School. It sucks. Chorus connection was boss af
by bb-panzu November 15, 2018
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