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A lunch so extravagant , Only certain persons may accomplish the task to finishing it alone without sharing . This lunch includes things like wheels of cheese, family size cartons of fruit , paté liver spread of full size carrots (to say the VERY least). The Pamelunch makes others uncomfortable with either the shock factor or by smell of these fine dining items. Never try to ask about the Pamelunch , It has a tendency to defend itself on being so extravagantly perfect.
"I’m so hungry! I must go to the supermarket (Think Costco) to buy my Pamelunch."

"Bulk foods aren't for families , they’re for my Pamelunch!"

"I can feed a family of 6 with my Pamelunch!"

"There’s nothing wrong with having 5 pounds of chicken wings in my Pamelunch!!!"
by PseunonymTaken March 08, 2014
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