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PADOTs, commonly used as a synonym for chode, serves multiple other jobs in sexual literary works. The most common, is the acronymous saying of Passive Aggressive Dismissal Of Thought (and or actions) involving felation and fornication.

PADOTs can be characterized best by the consistently defected faulty y chromosome, found within the male species. There have been seldom spotting of PADOTISM within the female sex.
PADOTs (pronounced padote) in the noun form, PADOTATION, has often occurred when two people male and female engage in the risky sutra position known as the inverted alabama crab slammer. (see link) The women's gymnast like efforts as she is plays the role of masochistic beauty while the male (with a skewed perception of dominance) plays beast as he penetrates the female while playing the latest release of assassins creed or braid

"what your PADOTs don't know don't hurt him"

"Quit sticking that chodious PADOTEous beef in my spicy taco shell, and don't even think about squirting the hot sauce"

"totes PADOTEs"

"PADOTEs on the reg"

"PADOTEsfest 3000"

"PADOTEsville, USA zipcode 43210chode in my node"
by Tan-Tric and The Appointment January 05, 2010
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