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A woman who's man only calls after 10 pm asking if he can come over. A p.m. pussy will never get a call from her "man" in the A.M. or the early evening or the afternoon-- the phone only rings around 1O p.m. or 11 p.m. or midnight-- when nothing more might be going on. Kind of like a booty call, but booty calls sometimes take place in the daytime and can be synonymous with a quickie. Some men aren't embarrassed by their booty call chick. This is not so with the p.m. pussy. She is only getting called this late for sex because no MAN wants to be seen with her at ALL in public and keeps the "relatioship" relegated to the bedroom or indoors.
Josasha: Boniqua, I don't know what to do. My man only calls me after I've done put in my curlers and gotten ready for bed. Sometimes I find myself going to bed later and later just so I can at least look decent and presentable when he does come over.

Boniqua: First of all, girl, he ain't your man. He is just using you for pussy--

Josasha: You mean like a booty call?

Boniqua: Um, no. More like p.m. pussy. He ain't getting any from the girl he wants but he needs SOME so he gets it from you. He just don't want his boys knowing he gets it from you. When he's over at your place, girl, his boys probably thinks he's at home sleeping. SORRY GIRL.
by Mimmy wants to be a mumsy December 15, 2008
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