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Avatar the Last Airbender's Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee, (Ozai is Azula's father) Ozai gives them a mission and they do it.
(To Azula) "Iroh is a traitor, and your brother, Zuko is a failure...I have a task for you..." *meaning capture them so I can shoot lightening at them.*

Lo/Li: "Traveling with the royal procession, may no longer be an option."
Lo/Li(which ever one didn't say above line): "May no longer be wise..."
both Lo and Li: "If you hope to keep the element of surprise..."
(Azula, To Lo and Li) "You're right, the royal procession is dead weight. If I want to catch my prey, I must be agile, nimble...I need a small elite team...I think it's time I visit some old friends..." *old friends= Ty Lee and Mai*

Thus Ozai's Angels became just that.
by lkjsdfljljsdfl October 19, 2008
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