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1.a relationship term said of either a heterosexual man, one such one having an emotionally committed relationship with one who would be considered, according to societal standards, as being attractive, as opposed to unattractive, that being the said recipient of {overchicking}.
2. a similar disproportion between two homosexual women or men in a relationship longer than 1 week.
3. a platonic relationship between any species that exhibits similar discrepancies, within the same time restraints.
4. Also referring to the condition of having more children than one wants or can properly care for emotionally, fiscally, or otherwise.
Etymology:descends from overchicked
Ant: {"Overchicked short-term," which implies an ephemeral relationship, usually sexual in nature between two disproportionately attractive people}. Related terms: Underchicked short-term; Nonchicked; Rechicked; Dual chickings; Double Dipping Chicken; Roostered Beyond Cognitive Effort (RBCE).
When the afterglow of the previous night's passion began to ebb away, NeoPanTyger realized that such a drunken decision to marry someone just met in a bar put him in the sudden position of being overchicked long-term; He only hoped she would not realize this when she sobered up; she was a keeper; he was not.
by Jean Bonionne December 13, 2008
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